All Weather Valley    John Elio Reitman, Watercolor on Paper

Allergies   John Elio Reitman, Steel

Blue Plate Special   Mckenzie Raley, Acrylic on wood

Garden  Andrea Santos, Xerox transfer and watercolor on clay on wood

The Residents   Dan Loxton, Oil Wax enamel collage adhesive on linen canvas and fleece blanket

Carved Lecture (Boat)   Dan Loxton, Oil wax rope collage canvas and staples on stretcher bars

Curving   Austin Martin White, Burlap nylon screen rubber oil pigment spray paint 

The Long Nap  Elbert Perez, Oil barbed wire on canvas 

for moments you wish to disappear but need to be present   Hui Lee, chiffon cotton yarn window bracket photograph

Untitled (Paper Composition 1)   Sebastian Smith, Cast paper pigment wood

Ever Reaching Fruits   Padma Rajendran, Ink trim adhesive stitching ceramics on fabric

Untitled (Paper Composition 2)   Sebastian Smith, Cast paper pigment wood

Untitled   Lauren Anderson, Paper paint paste foam